Lobelia at Sunset in Abune Yoseph EthiopiaLobelia (Lluis Dantart, CRBA)

Covering some 70 square kilometers of Afroalpine habitat and spectacular scenery, the Abune Yoseph Community Conservation Area (12°12’N, 39°12’E) is found north of the city of Lalibela in the Amhara National Regional State in the North Wollo Zone and Lalibela Woreda (district).

The Abune Yoseph massif, with a maximum altitude of 4,284m, is placed on the very extreme of the northeastern edge of the Ethiopian highlands. It is part of the northwestern highland massif surrounding and defining the upper Tekeze River, and is limited to the east by the fault escarpment of the Rift Valley depression. The ridge continues northwards to the Tigrean Plateau through lower systems and westwards to the Simien Mountains (4,600m), which is connected by a chain of lower mountain systems (1,000–2,000m).


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