Bearded VultureBearded Vulture

The Guassa Area is home to 23% of the endemic mammal species of Ethiopia. These include the iconic and most endangered canid in the world - the Ethiopian wolf, along with geladas, grey duikers, klipspringers, spotted hyenas, leopards, common jackals and serval cats.

A wide variety of birds, 114 species to date, have been recorded in the Guassa Area, which is equivalent to 12% of the 861 species of birds recorded in Ethiopia. The endemic spot breasted plover, globally endangered Ankober serin and several raptors, including the bearded vulture, auger buzzard and golden eagle, may be seen here. Key spots on the plateau along the trekking routes offer excellent viewing of raptors such as the lammergeyer (bearded vulture) and golden eagle. 

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